Life outside of Carly

The sky is definitely NOT the limit for people at Carly.
We love to reach our limits inside of the office, and outside as well.


The sky is definitely NOT the limit for people at Carly. We love to reach our limits inside of the office, and outside as well. Some of our most exhilarating experiences as a team have been our hiking trips. Summer is the best time to spend a Saturday or Sunday together while visiting beautiful places in Bavaria. 

Go-Karting & Racing

Many of our team members love a good race. Carly is a car-tech company after all! Whether you’re an experienced go-kart driver, or it’s your first time, it’s hard not to have a great time on the tracks! Things might get a little competitive — as everyone wants the trophy on their desk!

Food + excellent people are one of the best combinations.

Frühlingsfest & Oktoberfest

Living in the heart of Bavaria gives our international team lots of fun opportunities to celebrate in “bavarian style” by attending the 2 most visited events in Munich: Frühlingsfest and Oktoberfest. The vibe, the food, and the music definitely help us to feel welcomed in the bavarian culture and “taste” its richness.

Team Dinners

In the very likely case that you crave a delicious meal, you’re in luck — team dinners at Carly take place every quarter. 

Food + excellent people are one of the best combinations. 

We think most people would agree!

Interested in working with us?
Have a look at relevant FAQs!

If you have your CV/resume ready, you can follow the steps on our career page to complete our online application form. It only takes a few minutes.
Don’t worry, we will never ask you to re-enter every single education, job title, employment date, and qualification from your work history. We highly value your interest and time.

To help us get to know you better, we’ll need the most recent copy of your CV/resume. You’ll also have the opportunity to add a cover letter if you want to tell us more. 

We offer a variety of job opportunities across different departments, including Marketing, Engineering, Customer and Product support, Business Development, Human Resources, and more. Check out our career page to see our current openings.

Our interview process involves 4 stages: 1. Let’s get to know each other, 2. Get to know your future lead, 3. Get a glimpse of working at Carly with a workshop or coding challenge, and 4. Final steps.

To learn more details about each stage, check out our article “Navigating the Carly journey from applicant to team member”.

We have a flexible working culture, including home office options, meditations in the office to support the team’s wellness, weekly fruit baskets, a wrap-around balcony with a view of the alps, and so much more…

We strive to make your time at Carly and your own time equally enjoyable.

We could happily give you a long list of reasons to join, but let’s focus on the core reasons.
Carly believes its employees are the cornerstone of its growth and success. The Team is at the center of every internal decision, which is why we constantly look for their feedback through various channels, such as quarterly reviews — at all levels — , weekly focus groups, and bi-weekly one-on-one conversations with leads.

Being at Carly has a wide list of perks oriented to support both your performance and personal goals. Some of them include: 

  • A modern office located in Gießing with an outdoor swimming pool
  • A young and entrepreneurial team from 25 different countries working onsite
  • Recurrent company events, such as classical piano concerts, hiking, Oktoberfest, summer barbecues, and Christmas parties with family members, and so much more
  • A healthy environment with company-led meditation, stretching, and fruit baskets
  • A privately-owned company with high growth and financial stability
  • A purpose-driven job with a real impact on customers and in the automotive industry

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