Growing Together: The Power of Feedback at Carly

one thing that sets our company apart is the spirit of positivity and feedback

We don’t just use fancy words; we live and breathe a culture of constructive feedback, which is closely tied to our roles and the growth of our team members.

Our unique positive feedback culture fuels career development within our organization. Simply put, our culture fosters an environment where we don’t just appreciate feedback – we actively encourage it. At Carly, we believe in open communication where everyone has a voice, from leads to talents.

So, where do our feedback culture and career growth meet? In our Role Expectations.

The Significance of Role Expectations

Role Expectations are a game-changer in our company’s journey towards a positive feedback culture. We don’t keep our roles and responsibilities shrouded in mystery. We lay it all out on the table, making sure every employee knows what’s expected of them from day one. Our goal is to empower you to take charge of your roles, be accountable, and perform at your best.

How Renewed Expectations Fuel Performance

Imagine a scenario where, after six months of getting accustomed to your role, you have the chance to tweak and fine-tune your job description on a yearly basis. This isn’t just about change for the sake of change. It’s about ensuring that your role continues to align with your strengths, interests, and the company’s evolving needs. You can direct your energy into tasks that truly matter to you and the organization. This adaptability is the foundation upon which we build constructive feedback, as your role continually evolves in a way that aligns with your growth trajectory.

Quarterly reviews: Your Progress, Your Voice

Setting yearly role expectations is just the beginning of the journey. We also believe in staying connected and on top of things throughout the year.

That’s why we have Quarterly Reviews where both you and your lead get to take a breather and chat. These reviews aren’t just about evaluating you – they’re a two-way street. It’s your chance to share your successes and hiccups, and even your personal growth plans. And it’s our chance to make sure you’re on track and happy with where you’re headed. This ongoing conversation helps ensure that you keep growing and contributing to our shared success.


Our workplace isn’t just about careers, but about lifelong journeys of growth and development.
If you’re looking for a place where you can excel, learn, and grow alongside a supportive team, then Carly is your destination. Join us, and let’s grow together!

Interested in working with us?
Have a look at relevant FAQs!

If you have your CV/resume ready, you can follow the steps on our career page to complete our online application form. It only takes a few minutes.
Don’t worry, we will never ask you to re-enter every single education, job title, employment date, and qualification from your work history. We highly value your time.

To help us get to know you better, we’ll need the most recent copy of your CV/resume. You’ll also have the opportunity to add a cover letter if you want to tell us more.

We offer a variety of job opportunities across different departments, including Marketing, Engineering, Customer and Product support, Business Development, Human Resources, and more. Check out our career page to see our current openings.

Our interview process involves 4 stages: 1. Let’s get to know each other, 2. Get to know your future lead, 3. Get a glimpse of working at Carly with a workshop or coding challenge, and 4. Final steps.

To learn more details about each stage, check out our article “Navigating the Carly journey from applicant to team member”.

We have a flexible working culture, including home office options, meditations in the office to support the team’s wellness, weekly fruit baskets, a wrap-around balcony with a view of the alps, and so much more…

We strive to make your time at Carly and your own time equally enjoyable.

We could happily give you a long list of reasons to join, but let’s focus on the core reasons.
Carly believes its employees are the cornerstone of its growth and success. The Team is at the center of every internal decision, which is why we constantly look for their feedback through various channels, such as quarterly reviews — at all levels — weekly focus groups, and bi-weekly one-on-one conversations with leads.

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